The Hematrix Active-Patch

The Hematrix Patch consists of a sponge-like polyurethane matrix impregnated with thrombin, calcium chloride and epsilon aminocaproic acid. These constituents are held in the vesicles of the matrix on the internal surface of the sponge to act rapidly when blood flows into the dressing. The thrombin in Hematrix never diffuses into the wound due to its large molecular size

How effective is Hematrix?

Proper trials have been carried out to determine the efficacy and safety of Hematrix Patch when used to stop bleeding in humans. This haemostatic effect was tested on arterial bleeding such as that following coronary angiography via the femoral artery. Haemostasis was confirmed not only in arterial bleeding but also for a non-superficial source of bleeding.

This trial was conducted as required by ethics committee on 100 patients. The results showed that Hematrix stopped bleeding completely after five minutes in 93% of the patients. In six patients (6%), a second Patch was needed before bleeding stopped. In 5 of these six patients it was established that the reason for needing a second Hematrix Patch was that the first patch was not applied correctly. In only one patient (1%) was it not possible to stop bleeding.